Command not found: ng


After I ran npm install @angular/cli, I could still not run the ng command.  My terminal said that the command was not found.  Btw, I use fish.  Here’s what I had to do to solve the problem.


npm list -g

The very first line will show you where your global node modules are stored.  Which in my case was /Users/user_name/.npm-packages/lib

Navigate to that folder, in my case:

cd /Users/user_name/.npm-packages/lib

Now cd into each folder and ls until you see the folder @angular.

cd @angular/cli/bin

Type ls and you should see the file ng.

Type pwd and copy the path to the current folder.

Now add ng as alias.

In fish: vi ~/.config/fish/

In bash: vi ~/.bashrc

Add the line: alias ng=”url_that_you_copied_before/ng”

Exit vim

Restart your terminal.  And you should be good to go!


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