3 Apps For Design Inspiration


I love design!! To me, an app needs to be simple and elegant, and nothing less should even be allowed.  Now granted, it’s difficult, and often times beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but, it’s so important.  Here are some Apps that I feel simply take the cake of simplicity, and elegance.

1. Elevatr


You guys have probably seen me mention this app in a previous post, but I just can’t get enough of it.  What makes this app so awesome.

  1. Simplicity – Everything on the screen is pretty much necessary, and when you use the app, everything is so simple and straightforward.
  2. Elegance – The app is beautiful.  The color scheme is awesome, and nothing is clashing with each other.

2.  Pinterest


I like Pinterest because once again

  1. Simple and elegant.  It’s not overly fancy, not complicated, it just does what it’s supposed to do.
  2. Loading Images – I love the way that the pins have random colors as the backgrounds while the image is loading.  That is such a nice touch.
  3. Easy to follow – You’ll notice when you use Pinterest, it’s very obvious how to do everything.  You don’t need a manual.  The UI, mainly the image selections for icons, kind of explains everything you need to know.

3. Yahoo Weather App


Does this even need any explanation.  Well I guess so.  Why do I love this?

  1. Great Font selection – The sizes and the type of font they used for everything was impeccable.
  2. Flows well –  The app is so easy to use, and they use the UI in a wonderful way to explain everything to you.  I actually like to use this weather app as opposed to many others.
  3. Image selection – You can tell they spent time finding each and every image they used, making sure that each one was just right for what they needed.  They paid close attention to every detail.

Well these are three apps that I love and just wanted to share.  Do you have any apps that you feel are beautiful.  Let me know!

When is the App is Ready?


When working with clients, and working for yourself, it can be very tough to know when the app is ready to be put on the app store. Why is that? Well as Fueled.com puts it,

“Building an app is a little like raising a child: first you bring it into the world, and then you help it take its first steps, watch as it learns to talk, and revel in parental pride at every little milestone along the way. It’s a great feeling. But then that scary moment arrives when it’s time for them to leave for school.”

And this is where it gets tough. You love the app, but the last thing you want to happen is for the app to go to school, aka the App Store, and fail miserably. So what do you do? Do you wait forever, making sure that every little detail is perfected to the highest levels of awesomeness. That can be easy to do, but often times not the wisest decision. Put simply here’s what you should keep in mind when deciding when the app is ready.

1. A beautiful app is a process. The likelihood of you getting it right the first shot is slim to none. Instead of wasting your time spending hours tweaking every small non-essential detail, why not get a good looking product that functions as it’s supposed, then put it on the app store.  Then you can add features, and enhance it later.  If you do this it will help you too…

2. Test the waters out – See if first of all, anyone even wants an app like this. That’s the greatest advantage of putting the app on the app store early. As you see what people are saying and their view of your app, it will allow you to make tweaks as you go. (Just make sure people know that the initial release is the beta version.)  By doing this you can answer the question…

3. Should I even be doing this? – There is a possibility that the app you’re working on is not really needed, nor wanted. It would be horrible to find that out after 1 1/2 years of working on the app. By following the steps above, you can find this out earlier, and save yourself time and headaches.

Well, I hope this helps some people. Just remember: A beautiful app is a process, test the waters out, and answer the question early, “Should I even be doing this?”

Most of this post came from Fueled.com, which is an awesome Mobile Development company, check out their blog post!