Get More Work Done When Working Remotely


When beginning to work remotely, your initial reaction is, “THIS IS GREAT!!!”  You get to work when you want, and when you are working, you’re in a comfortable environment, your home.  But there is quickly one problem that you run into.  How do I make sure that I’m productive?  This can be difficult.  For most likely your entire life, you have gone somewhere to work, and people there push you to make sure that you’re doing your job in a timely manner.  Now all of a sudden, that motivation falls upon you.  So how can you make sure that you get more work done when working remotely?  Here are three things that have helped me to be more productive when working remotely.

1) “The plans of the diligent ones surely lead to success.”

Planning ahead is essential to being successful in getting work done.  When you already have in mind a good idea of what you want to accomplish in the day, you will find that you actually do more, because you’re guided by something.  What I do is I use an app called “Simple Daily ToDo List” created by none other than yours truly (sorry for the self-promotion).  But honestly, the reason why I wrote and use this application is so that I can have a very simple way of writing out what I want to do for the day, and then check off what I accomplish as I finish things.  I would actually recommend you getting it, or another app of your choice of course.

It’s a fact that when we write out what we want to accomplish we actually decrease our stress levels because now we don’t have to juggle a lot of things in our minds, and also, once it’s down in writing, you’re more apt to finish it because you have a plan that you can continually refer to which lessens the chances that you deviate from that plan.  Also, it’s very good to be able to see what you accomplished at the end of the day, which is why the app keeps finished tasks there until the next day.  You feel better about yourself when you can look at list of everything that you did.


Simple Daily ToDo List

Another app that you may want to check out is “Asana”.  Asana is good because you can write out tasks for an entire project.  Asana coupled with Simple Daily ToDo List will make you more productive instantly.  The great thing about this app is it also has a web interface, so you can use web interface on the desktop and it will sync automatically to your phone.

2) “There is benefit in every kind of hard work, But mere talk leads to want”

One of the most difficult things when working remotely is dealing with the fact that your family wants your attention.  The fact of the matter is though, when you’re at home working, it’s the same as working in an office it’s just that you’re at home.  So everyone in the home must understand that when you are working, unless it’s an absolute emergency, you can’t be bothered.  It’s just like when you’re in an office, if someone needs something, or just wants to talk, they have to call you, and they’re probably not going to do that unless it’s absolutely urgent.  So make that known.  Let everyone know that you’re working, and that means you can’t be bothered for trivialities.  This can be tough though (especially if you have kids), so how can you make it a little easier on yourself.

Close the door when you’re working, and tell people that you’re working so please don’t bother you.  You’ll find that this will help you tremendously in getting work done because we all know that when you’re in the groove, the last thing that you want is to be bothered, because once you’re out the groove, it can take a while to get back into it.  Also, one thing that I do is I put on some noise cancellation headphones, and play some music, typically a Pandora station.  This helps you stay relaxed, and it also helps keep out outside noise which will most likely always be there depending on how many people you have in your home.

3) “Better is a handful of rest than a double handful of hard work”

Make sure that you take some time to rest.  I know that sounds obvious, but you have no idea how hard this is.  Generally you want to just beast through a full day, and you realize at the end that you never took a break.  The fact of the matter is you’ll actually accomplish more if you just get up every few hours and do something.  Doesn’t really matter what it is; just give your mind a rest.  This especially is important when you’re stuck at a problem that you can’t solve.  If you walk away for a few minutes and come back, you’ll notice that you feel so much better, and you’ll probably find a solution to that problem you couldn’t solve.  So remember, rest actually helps you to work better.  Don’t overdue this though.  If you rest too much, you’ll get nothing done, but I don’t think I need to tell you that. So there’s a few tips that I hope will help you out.  If you have any other ideas then comment and let the world know what you do.